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9 Ways to Avoid Losing Money on Your Investment Property

While property is one of the safest assets you can invest in, it’s not without risks. Your job is to minimise it if you can’t eliminate it altogether. To help you avoid losing money and maximise your property profits, Property Market Insider spoke to creator of DSRdata.com.au Jeremy Sheppard for his time-tested and proven strategies. […] Read more

Cheaper Regional Areas Have Become More Appealing for House Hunters

IT CAN take hours to get to work in a capital city, so why not move to a nearby regional area and commute? Sometimes you might add 20 or 30 minutes to your journey, but pay about half as much for a house, especially in more expensive cities. That house may also include more internal […] Read more

Property, shares deemed ‘safer’ than superannuation for retirees

Originally published by: The Financial Review By Kate Cowling. Speculation about when and how the government will change the superannuation system has frightened savers out of topping up their retirement pool. Instead of channelling their wealth into the tax-friendly vehicle, some pre-retirees say they are keeping their money in their savings accounts and investing in […] Read more