The Most Valuable Lessons I Have Learnt as a Property Investor

While buying your first investment property and building a property portfolio is exciting, it can also be a little scary. Nila Sweeney, managing editor with Property Market Insider spoke to successful investor Marissa Schulze of Rise High Financial Solutions on how to overcome these initial fears and reduce your risks if you have the right […] Read more

Cheaper Regional Areas Have Become More Appealing for House Hunters

IT CAN take hours to get to work in a capital city, so why not move to a nearby regional area and commute? Sometimes you might add 20 or 30 minutes to your journey, but pay about half as much for a house, especially in more expensive cities. That house may also include more internal […] Read more

Warning That Gold Coast Could Soon Be “Land-Locked”

The Gold Coast could become ‘land locked’ within the next five years unless a major shortfall in land supply is addressed with the release of more developable land, according to the city’s largest property marketing group Oliver Hume. New research by Oliver Hume showed there was only 1900ha of developable land, or approximately 20,000 dwellings, […] Read more

Baby Boomers Risk Nest Egg Bust

ONE in five Baby Boomers have less than $30,000 in retirement savings and the average superannuation balance is only enough for 2.5 years of “comfortable” living, according to a new survey. Research by found that most Australians said they needed about $70,000 a year to live on when they retire but with the average […] Read more

First Home Buyers Rely On Parents To Secure Loans

As dwelling prices continue to rise across the country, more first homebuyers are looking to their parents and immediate family members to act as guarantors on their home loans. The results of the annual First Home Buyer Survey conducted by Mortgage Choice revealed that in 2016, the percentage of buyers who had family acting as […] Read more

Will your super be enough in retirement?

Only 54% of Australians believe their superannuation will be enough to see them through their retirement according to MLC’s Australia today report. However a staggering 76% of those with financial planners or advisers and 63% of those with accountants, agreed that they would rely on their superannuation in retirement. How much does a comfortable retirement cost? With the Association […] Read more

How To Raise Your Rent and Keep Your Tenants

In a rising market, it is essential to regularly review the rent for your investment property – but there are a few strategies you can implement that will soften the blow. Blogger: Philippe Brach I met someone over Christmas who was something of an “accidental investor”. He wasn’t someone who was investing in property with […] Read more

Much to gain and little to fear from our growing population

Editorial: Much to gain and little to fear from our growing population Originally posted: February 20, 2016 12:00am – The Editor-  The Courier GROWING pains may at times be uncomfortable, but they are a part of life and the passage to maturity. It is in that context that news this week that Australia’s population has hit 24 million, […] Read more

Feb, 23, 2016



Property investment guru Chris Gray shares his tips for staying ahead in the 2016 real estate game

Originally posted: January 14, 2016 11:00pm Author: Christine de Silva News Corp Australia Network REAL estate will be a whole new game in 2016 and buyers stand to be the winners, according to property investment guru Chris Gray. “The 2016 property market presents a different ball game for buyers and sellers compared to 2015,” the […] Read more

Feb, 05, 2016



Strong 2016 predicted for Gold Coast real estate

Originally published on The Investment Property By Phil McCarroll | 20 Jan 2016 08:36 AM The head of a major real estate group believes the stage is set for a strong 2016 and beyond for the market in one stretch of south east Queensland. Ray White Surfers Paradise Group chief executive officer Andrew Bell believes […] Read more

Jan, 22, 2016



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