The Crucial Property Market Research You Can’t Afford To Screw Up

With buyer competition still running high despite the slowing market, make sure you avoid the temptation of skipping this important property market research step if you want to succeed as an investor. John Lindeman, researcher and educator with 7 steps 2 Success property market education program explains to Nila Sweeney, Managing Editor of Property Market Insider, […] Read more

What Is The Spread In The Cost Of Housing?

Housing markets are typically analysed by looking at the median which is the middle value. By definition the median provides an idea of what a typical property is either selling for or valued at, but it is often forgotten there are as many properties worth less than the median as there are worth more. By […] Read more

Total charmer: The key to restoring and renovating an old home

Character is hard to reproduce. Character in property is generally something hard earned with years of use through generations of interaction. The best, most character-filled homes are the ones that missed the 1970s and ’80s “upgrades”, where period detail was stripped from their frames and replaced with the brutal and austere lines of that period. […] Read more

How to Save For a Home While Planning a Wedding

So you want to get married and buy a home. Congratulations! Not many people dare to go through two of life’s biggest and most expensive milestones at the same time. Are you crazy for even entertaining the idea? Perhaps. But don’t let the opinions of other people stop you from pursuing your dream. Some people […] Read more

There are still affordable homes on offer, you just have to know where to look

A renovated home with polished timber floors for less than $400,000 – you bet. This home at 26 Playford St, Bracken Ridge is listed for offers of more than $369,000. BUYING a first property doesn’t have to be impossible. There are still plenty of suburbs and options where first home buyers can get into the […] Read more

Gold Coast Property Market: The Value Lifestyle Choice

South East Queensland remains a very compelling market for an investment or lifestyle change for young families, now that Sydney has become difficult to afford following five years of exceptional growth. Last week, we hosted the 20th annual Australasian Real Estate Conference (AREC17) on the Gold Coast, with a record attendance of 4,500 real estate […] Read more

3 Ways To Get More Value From Your Real Estate Agent

When choosing a real estate agent, there is more to the transaction than just the amount of commission he or she charges. Agents often have an arsenal of other skills they can bring to a transaction to help a vendor that even they may not realise. When you meet with your agent, here are three […] Read more

Infrastructure, the Commonwealth Games and a lack of stock is driving up the price of vacant land

THE PRICE of vacant land on the Gold Coast has hit a record high, driven by new infrastructure, the Commonwealth Games and a lack of stock. The median price has now hit $251,500 – up more than $10,000 in 12 months. The data, provided by property services group Oliver Hume, shows the limited remaining land […] Read more

Household Debt Likely to Stand in the Way of Rate Hikes

The Reserve Bank (RBA) Governor Phil Lowe suggested last week that if it wasn’t for the strength of the housing market, and a fear of inflating it further, official interest rates would be lower. It was an interesting comment from an RBA Governor, especially when you read what the RBA’s function is: The (RBA) is […] Read more

13 Ways to Start Powerfully as a Property Investor

There is some prep work you need to do to ensure that your first foray will set you up strongly so you can continue to grow your portfolio. 1. Know why you’re investing in property Get clear about your reasons for choosing to invest in property instead of other asset classes such as shares. Most […] Read more

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